WW1 battlefield guided tour in France

WW1 battlefield Guided Tours in France

Experience WW1 battlefieds in France with custom-tailored Guided Tours and Private Guides

Discover France's WW1 battlefields with Guided Tours specialists

Are you interested in the Great War ? We organize your WW1 battlefield custom-tailored Guided Tour in France, with the best guides and specialists.

From the Belgian border to the Vosges mountains, France hosts some of the most famous WW1 battlefields in the world. During the war, the battles have moulded the landscapes of northern France and now these WW1 battlefield vestiges are still incredibly lively. Strolling among them is a deep emotional and historical experience.

From offbeat locations to the most renowned battlefields, you are accompanied by an independent local professional guide and specialist, who makes these battlefields alive especially for you.

Your WW1 battlefield Guided Tour is entirely private and custom-tailored

Save time and money ! Depending on your requests and destination, we organize your perfect trip everywhere in France : tell us where you go and what you are interested in and we design your Guided Tour.

Here are just a few of the places we visit:

  • The battle of Somme
  • Vimy
  • Le Hammel
  • Frommel
  • The Hindenbourg line
  • The Kemmel mount
  • The Chemin des Dames
  • The Marne battles
  • Verdun
  • The Vosges mountains
  • The Hartmannswillerkopf
  • And much more... >contact us !

If you don't have your own vehicle, we can also organize transportation with private limousine or van.

We complete your Guided Tour with recommendations for the best restaurants, hotels and exhibitions, in order to provide a unique experience.

Each Guided Tour is different: price is quoted on demand.

Contact us so we can start working on your customized WW1 battlefield Guided Tour in France: info@battlefields-tours.com.